Who we are?

Jenson Electric is a locally owned electrical contractor that aims at providing you with safe and efficient electrical services of all sorts and across all fields. We provide supreme quality electrical services to the Des Moines and Iowa as well as the central Midwest.

Our service portfolio stretches to cover all of your possible needs including commercial, residential, industrial, and communication.Jenson Electric installations are ready to facilitate you in every walk of life.

We started in 2010 and have been acing the game since with many happy customers. There is a hardworking team of experts ready to accomplish all jobs that come our way. Our Top Priority is customer satisfaction.

A highly motivated team that loves what they do!

Even though electrical know-how forms the hallmark of Jenson Electric installations, the professional team is powered by their need to serve you. The electrical experts at Jenson Electric enjoy what they do, and it shows in the quality of work provided!


Nothing is achievable without an experienced team, motivated to get the job done. At Jenson Electric we have a professional team that is fully armed with the electrical know-how. Experience with expertise brings you safe and competitive services.

Our electrical gurus are not only experienced and well-versed in their work but are driven to provide a great service. This is what separates us from the rest and accounts for our uniqueness. The team is powered by an intense interest in what they do you, as well as a desire to please our customers.

What matters the most to the team is the customer's satisfaction and the quality of work. Our job is incomplete unless we attain your fullest satisfaction.

Using our skills and experience, we have been able to provide Des Moines, Iowa and the surrounding areas top quality service since 2010!