Our Services

Our services stretch to meet the demands of all sectors including residential, communication, industrial, and commercial. You can always count on Jenson Electric to serve your home or business in a manner that is guaranteed to benefit your life. Whether that be taking the stress and concern off your shoulders during a large project, or simply troubleshooting an electrical issue in your home. You just won't find another company as eager as Jenson Electric to satisfy all of your issues and concerns.

EXPERIENCE, and the pictures to prove it!

Commercial Services

Jenson Electric services has been exceeding the needs of the commercial sector since 2010.

Our excellence showcases an extensive portfolio of electrical works along the commercial lines. These include design and control, high voltage projects, dirt work, underground work, conduit and structured cabling. We also take care of all your general lighting works as well as specialized requirements of parking lighting, site lighting, and more. Jenson Electric can also troubleshoot and fix any problems in the fire alarm and security systems.

Industrial Services

Our experience scope covers the demands of industrial works as well.

Jenson Electric industrial installation rotates in a broad orbit of clean water, waste water, high voltage, large switch gear, installation, rigid conduit, pump station, concrete encased duck bank, and thread piping works. We can do it all!

Communications Services

Our expert team aims to serve you with Jenson Electric communication works.

Keeping your home or business connected is a top priority. We can help you set up your security camera systems, phone network, fire alarm systems, and a lot more in a proficient and competitive manner so that you're connected to the world around the clock.

Residential Services

The Jenson Electric residential work incorporates all the electrical works concerning your household.

From home builder to home owner, we've got you covered. We are hear to help you stay powered and connected. We are experienced in all electrical operations, rewiring, and communication installations including fire alarms, phone, and security systems.